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Classes and Workshops

Private classes and workshops

Private Classes

Andrea teaches private drawing and painting classes, as well as portfolio development for teens applying to art school. Andrea has over 1000 hours of teaching art, and she works with teens and adults in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Contact to request a class.

Upcoming Workshops

Intro to Watercolor, TBD

Drawing the Skull, TBD

Holbein, Legion, and General Pencil Workshops

Watermedia | Woman's Art Club, 2024

Watermedia | Western Ohio Watercolor Society, 2024

Watermedia | Watercolor Society of Indiana, 2024

Watermedia & Acrylic | Plaza Artist Materials-Kenwood, 2024

Watermedia & Acrylic | Savannah College of Art and Design, 2024

Watermedia & Acrylic | Decorative Artist Guild of Southern Ohio, 2024

Past Workshops

Exploring Paint: Watercolor, Gouache & Acrylic | ICI School of Art, 2024

Realistic Portrait Drawing | ICI School of Art, 2023

Watercolor Techniques | ICI School of Art, 2023

Holbein, Legion, and General Pencil Workshops

Acrylic | Loveland Artist Studios, 2024

Watermedia | Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society, 2024

Watermedia & Acrylic | ICI School of Art, 2023 and 2024

Watermedia & Colored Pencil | Colored Pencil Society of America, 2023

Student Work with Andrea Walker
Student Work by Judy S.
Art Workshop with Andrea Walker
Workshop at Loveland Artist Studios
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